Research Interest

Global Climate Change, Paleoclimatology, Dendroclimatology, Biogeochemical cycles, Geochemistry, Ecophysiology


My research focuses on the study of climate and vegetation variability in arid – semiarid systems, and for this task I plan my work on two scales. First scale refers to the study of actual ecosystems from the microscale (individual and adaptations) to the macroscale (Ecosystem); and the second, investigates the climate variability and ecosystem evolution over the last few thousand years. Through the use of paleolimnological techniques and paleoecological proxies (pollen, microcarbons, invertebrates, macrophytes…), and geochemistry (stable isotopes and trace elements) I can approach past climate variability (precipitation, drought, changes in vegetation, paleofire) and anthropogenic impacts (agriculture, industry etc…).

I am particularly interested in the global biogeochemical cycles, Dendroclimatology, Evolution and Ecophysiology and I have a good knowledge of Limnology and Ecology. I have been working at many prestigious research centers (ICBiBE-Univ. of Valencia; ECRC-College of London; LRC-Univ. of Minnesota; ICTJA –CSIC-Spain; IIO-UABC) where I gained experience in laboratory techniques, field methodology, data treatment and processing, writing and publishing scientific papers, as well as planning and developing research projects.